Creation born from the unseen

Inspiration does not always come from a landscape, an architecture, a place, a person... from the visible. Inspiration can also come from sensations, from impressions, from emotions or feelings, coming from the invisible.

The only guide to my approach to this creation was a feeling of great tenderness, as this boundless tenderness that I experienced every time one of my children was born, breathed for the first time, gave the world his little cry of life. This birth of the tenderness of a father who has not left me since that magical day.

I imagined something delicate and enveloping, which surrounds what is most precious, a box that can keep this emotion intact. The symbolism of protection, the symbolism of the role I wanted to assume with this child.

I naturally headed for earrings, of which in the center, a pink tourmaline is protected by a diamond ellipse.