Nothing is more graceful than a ballerina on pointe

“Every day you have to dance, even if only by the thought.” Nahman de Braslaw.

The process of jewelry creation is quite analogous to dance: images, shapes, lights twirl in the mind, disappear, then come back, cling and combine differently, turn, move away again, give way to other lines, other movements, never waiting, always dynamic… Finally, choreography succeeds, a fraction of a second that freezes the mind: creation is born.

She will then be improved with additions and erasures on paper, like the ballerina who has to refine her gestures and her steps a thousand times to master her art.

By combining dance and jewelry, a ballerina of diamonds and pearl is born; a necklace composed of baguette-cut diamonds, a white Akoya pearl and a teardrop-shaped diamond in the image of the tears shed by the dancer to master her art.