A simple square, born in mankind’s imagination

The square, anchored on its four sides, symbolizes stabilization in perfection. Plato considered the square to be absolutely beautiful in itself.

This form refers directly to the number four that evokes the four rivers of the Garden of Eden, the four cardinal points, the four cardinal virtues in Christianity, the four alchemical elements, the four Evangelists, the shape of the Ka’ba in Mecca, the tetramorph of the vision of Ezechiel, the four Yang directions for the Chinese.

The square is present in all civilizations and religions. It is a universal form, but hardly found in nature. It is therefore the product of the mind. The man of prehistory must have represented him in his mind, unlike the circle, omnipresent in his view, such as the iris, the moon, the sun… It was naturally associated with divine perfection.

Square pendant set with diamonds.