Using the tsuketatefude, the bamboo-handled Japanese calligraphic brush, as inspiration for pendant earrings

"Calligraphy is a geometry of the soul that manifests itself physically" Plato.

Each of the thousand-year-old civilizations, be it Roman, Western, Chinese, Arab, Japanese... made calligraphy an artistic expression to embellish the image conveyed by words.

From the illuminations of the Middle Ages to Khalil Gibran's Arabic poems written in volutes, calligraphy brings an extra soul to the words.

Art is expressed through words or forms. I chose this second expression using shapes, sets of materials, light... while enjoying writing to describe my artistic approach. This juxtaposition of simple signs that ends up expressing an idea, a speech, a hope.

For these asymmetrical earrings, I chose to represent a fictitious writing, taken out of my imagination as tsuketatefude strokes (Japanese calligraphic brush with bamboo handle) on a fine vellum.