The birth of the JAG logo

During my years of study at the Haute Ecole de la Joaillerie in Paris, I lived in a small apartment near « Arts et Métiers », in the 3rd arrondissement. Every morning and evening, I passed the transept of the Church of « Arts et Métiers ». On this façade a stone clover was adorned with stained glass windows.

From this daily vision I kept this clover in my mind because of its theological significance. Each leaf represents a theological virtue: faith, hope and charity. To which is added the fourth leaf that symbolizes luck. 

These four elements were part of my existence: Faith in what I did, my passion, jewelry. Hope to succeed my life in this field. Charity in the sense of giving all that I possess, my courage and my strength. Finally, the chance that life had offered me to be able to follow my path. Of these 4 elements hope was for me the strongest one and it encompassed the other three.

At the same time, the discovery of Nebra's disc in Germany, in bronze and gold, a 3600-year-old representation of the celestial vault, marked me to the point of devoting a complete collection of jewelry pieces to it.

I liked the idea of associating this object from our goldsmith ancestors with the four-leaf clover.

Finally, after many attempts, I created my own disc which represents the hope in which I placed the other 3 elements in the form of small discs.
So was born the JAG logo, a reminder of my years of study in Paris and the pleasure I experienced when I looked for the first time at this disc forged by our ancestors, talented goldsmiths.

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