My pride at the second prize at the international jewelry show in Paris

By participating in the “Mes Créateurs Joailliers” show in Paris, I won the second prize of creation with a Maasai pectoral, reworked with rose gold and white mother-of-pearl.

The theme of the contest was "The Journey." Immediately, I was inspired by this magnificent accessory of the Maasai tradition: the pectoral created from colored glass beads.

My affection for Kenya dates to my first trip to this African savannah and my meeting with the proud Maasai people in Samburu Park in the north of the country.

Normally, this ornament consists of a multitude of rows of beads of different colors. For this competition, I asked a craftswoman to make me a model made entirely of red beads. I joined a series of white mother-of-pearl discs, pierced with rose gold rods. This set of scattered discs and chains forms a rain of light on the torso of the young woman who wears it; This rain that the Maasai of Samburu wait feverishly every year.

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