Eden or the radiation of the sun

Eden, its name, is the most refined ring in its shape that I have created. Its basic shape is quite simple: a three-level pyramid topped by a 2.5-carat diamond.

When handling the 2.5-carat diamond, it shined just like the sun. The principle of the pyramid was born with its four baguettes on top of the claw representing these rays of light, like those which I sometimes catch radiating a lightly misty forest at dawn.

I paid special attention to the distance between the diamonds and its frame enabling it to capture as much light as possible. The openings on the side of the pyramid allow the light to seep into the diamond’s pavilion and shine brightly.

The body of the ring is covered with melee diamonds and trapezoidal baguettes tailor-cut especially for this piece of jewelry.

Platinum Ring Pt 950
Diamond 2.51 carats, color E, VVS1
138 Melee diamonds F VVS 3.38 carats
20 Baguettes F VVS 1.74 carat