The fullness of the flame

The fulness of the flameI think most of us are often fascinated by the flame of a candle. This tiny and tottering figure that a simple draft can destroy, gives warmth and light, two fundamental energies of life.

This teardrop flame whose personalization is found in almost all beliefs, sometimes identifies the very existence of God, like the eternal protective sparks of the royal family of Akhenaten or the burning bush of Moses. 

We also find the flame and its image in the Buddhist representation, symbolizing the elevation. It also illustrates the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles.

With this jewel, I wanted to show this elevation, this quest for wholeness and absolute. I imagined a bare back whose camber would be the case of this shape repeated three times: the gem, the flame of diamonds and the gold frame.

At the request of my client, I created earrings, in the same spirit, whose frame is also set with diamonds.

18K 750 rose gold back pendant
Morganite 5.60 carats
20 Diamonds F/G VVS 1.69 carat