A witness to space in the palm of your hand

It’s a pretty remarkable experience. When you hold a piece of meteorites in the palm of your hand, the first reaction is to be surprised by the weight. The density of a meteorite is quite high because it is often a ferrous or siderite meteorite, an alloy of iron and nickel. 

Very quickly, this first impression gives way to an emotion. A piece of space in the hollow of your hand! We then imagine this fragment traveling through the immensity of space and time. The predominant assumption of ferrous meteorites is that they are a residue of the Jupiter formation, one to three billion years ago.

Personally, I felt a sense of smallness and humility in front of this fragment; what am I in front of this immensity symbolized by this tiny object in the palm of my hand?

Aesthetically, the meteorite surprises. I expected some structure, a cluster of matter. What was my surprise when I discovered a harmonious and regular tangle of straight lines intersecting and overlapping at 90 degrees in an octahedral structure: the Figures of Widmanstätten.

I imagined a very geometric ring which simply presents the cut surface of the meteorite.

White gold ring 18K 750
Meteorite 6.61 carats