Discovering Topkapi and an extraordinary stone

In the beautiful craft of the jeweler, there are also times when a client makes you discover a stone you did not know.

Traveling the world, people find stones in local markets. Those stones take a sentimental value, because they are associated with the journey that allowed them to be discovered.

This stone, the amazing zultanite that totally changes color, yellow orange to daytime light, orange-red with incandescent light and green to fluorescent light, was brought to me by a client, returning from Turkey.

As she wanted to keep the memory of the origins of the stone, I was naturally inspired by the beauties of Topkapi in Istanbul. I freely drew inspiration from the fountain of Ahmed III to form the body of the ring, set with diamonds.

This ring has caught the sentimental value that my client attaches to this trip. This jewel has become a guardian of her story.