The experience...
A journey that takes us
from an idea to its drawing,
from its painting to your jewelry.

The start of a journey to discover your creative abilities

How could we create jewelry in your image if I don’t even know you?

My approach is to create, with you and for you, a piece of jewelry in which you find yourself, a piece that symbolizes you or that symbolizes an important moment in your life.

It is during this stage that, together, we go on a journey that starts with an idea or a dream and ends with the creation of your jewelry.

To do so, I will first need to be able to identify your style, understand your desires and dreams, be they known to you or in your subconscious, observe your morphology, and learn your tastes in order to create jewelry designed as an identity piece, making it unique.

We will take the time to exchange, to speak, to listen to each other during friendly meetings in the workshop where I will endeavor to show you the world of jewelry, to awaken your own creativity, through documents, sentences, observations, and answers to your questions.

We will take as much time as needed in a calm, friendly atmosphere.

Imagine that you are composing a new melody. Everyone is capable of humming a new melody, but not everyone is a musician and therefore capable of transcribing it onto a score. That is where I come in. I will be the expert hand who, while listening to your melody, perhaps correcting the wrong notes, will be able to write it down and make it come alive. This is how I will create your jewelry. Creating does not mean drawing; not knowing how to draw does not inhibit the creation of something. I will hold the pencil!

Coming into my workshop does not mean coming in to buy a standard, already existing piece of jewelry. It means coming in to discover your creativity capacity and turn that into an object.

When a dream and mastery meet

We are going to take the time to devote ourselves to creation. We will use paper, pencils, documents, photos, collections of colored gems, diamonds, a range of gold, your answers to my questions, and other sources of inspiration.

We will dream and imagine the piece of jewel that will capture your emotions and reflect who you are. We will take the time to define what you want.

The creation process is an experience set out over several meetings during which I will help you express your desires through drawings. You will gradually discover your ability to create jewelry in your image.

The piece with start out as a simple drawing, taking shape over time through extremely precise sketches.

I will offer you my mastery of the art of jewelry and my experience to formulate ideas. In return, you will entrust your dreams and desires to me.

Taking shape, acquiring emotional value

Finally, to end this journey of discoveries and creations, I will create your jewelry as you imagined it, according to the highest quality standards.

In some cases, if the creation methods allow it, you will be directly involved in the production process.

After talking you through the process, you can follow the artisanal birth of the piece step by step until its final polishing. This will allow you to see the piece take shape during the different phases.

And finally, the day will come where you will take your jewelry home. It will have finally taken on the emotional value and symbolism you wanted for it.

Highlighting creations through painting

Once the last sketch has been completed, I will highlight the piece by painting it on an easel in front of you.

I will create your piece in the form of a painting, watercolor enhanced with charcoals and Indian ink.

You will be gifted this painting as a souvenir of your creative experience.

True to the long tradition of Genevan luxury

Although my pieces of jewelry are appreciated and worn in different places of the world, the jewelry is entirely made in the Canton of Geneva.

The only manufacturing phase that is not carried out in workshops in the heart of Geneva is the professional melting of precious metals, which takes place in the cantons of Vaud or Bern.

I prefer this local production as it represents a guarantee of Swiss quality, heir to the long tradition of Geneva watchmaking. We share the same suppliers of gems and metals; we use the same setters and engravers.

Our leitmotif: minimizing the ecological impact

The creation of jewelry cannot exist without a certain ecological impact. To say otherwise would be a lie, and this for fine and costume jewelry alike.

Obviously, stones are extracted from the bowels of our Earth. The difference lies in the way the gems are taken. We make sure to work with suppliers who guarantee the provenance of the stones and respect for ethical principles such as human rights (no human exploitation, no bloodstones) and respect for nature. Inspections carried out are based in particular on the Kimberley or Responsible Jewellery Council processes.

Our gold and platinum come exclusively from the recycling of old jewelry; refining takes place under strict conditions within a German-Swiss company guaranteeing that this treatment allows the complete recovery of heavy metals and the filtering of fumes. The Öcogold Label

For the rest, in our workshops, we apply all the precautionary principles to ensure the protection of the environment and our health, and this namely through sorting, filtering, and recycling.

Minimizing the ecological impact is my leitmotif. It is part of my desire to return to emotional values. How could I want emotion if did not feel for the environment and control my carbon footprint? Local craftsmanship and creation contribute to this commitment.