A place …
A refined space,
a workshop dedicated
to the creation of jewelry

Location: a source of inspiration, tranquility, exchange

In 2016, I left Paris and moved to Geneva, to the beautiful city of Calvin at the end of the magnificent Lake Geneva.

I wanted to find a place in line with my values and my vision of a welcome worthy of fine jewelry.

I wanted a place full of history, calm, contemplation, bordering on meditation.

I wanted an open space where each visitor feels comfortable, free of the hustle and bustle of the city and the commercial frenzy.

I wanted a workshop where I could welcome each person as a friend, where lovers of crafts, traditions, art, creation, and elegance would always find an open door.

I found this location at the foot of Saint-Pierre Cathedral at the top of medieval Geneva.

Where jewelry takes shape and color

The creation of a piece of jewelry takes place in a friendly space. Sitting around a table, a relationship of trust and equality between you, the passionate client, and myself, the jeweler is built.

A large quantity of documents covers the tabletop to bring out your imagination and open your eyes to the possibilities of shapes and colors.

At the same time, a collection of all the stones that can be used in jewelry will be on display. These stones are beautiful enough to be highlighted on a piece of jewelry and strong enough (resistance) to be embedded into it.

A succession of sketches, drawn in pairs, laid out on this round table, will guide us to the jewel that will symbolize you.

Highlighting your jewelry using an Italian renaissance atmosphere

A corner of the studio looks more like the artist’s studio than that of the jeweler’s.

Under the aegis of the Italian masters of the end of the 18th century and of their study after Caravaggio, in this space dedicated to art, you will watch as I use my easel to transform the final sketch into a painting using watercolor, charcoal, and Indian ink. This process takes about fifteen minutes.

This table will be given to you as a souvenir of our creation sessions.

Summoning Hephaestus to bring your jewelry to life

The solitary work of creation begins in the lair of Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire, forges, and metalworking. In short, everything I need to turn our joint creation from a drawing to a physical item.

This production site is located in the workshop, visible to everyone. You are always welcome to stay and watch your piece come to life before your eyes. If possible, you may even contribute to its creation using jeweler techniques. This way, you piece of jewelry will not just have been dreamed up by you, but created by you as well.

Our exchange does not end with the sketches, but continues during the implementation and beyond through advice and care given to the life of this piece. You can come at any time to have your piece of jewelry cleaned.