Firenze, or the simplicity of the Quattrocento Renaissance

Florence, the ultimate city of the arts, is the one that saw the Renaissance begin.

The Renaissance or the ability of all the Quattrocento artists, to redefine art in its simplest, most stripped expressions, to return to the source of Greek and Roman art. Florence is one of the most beautiful examples thanks to the works of Brunelleschi or Donatello.

What could be more inspiring than strolling along the Arno to discover its palaces, its alleys, the succession of its bridges drawn by ancient lines … their arches of great visual clarity, have inspired me a necklace made of two undulations, one like the 5 arches of an old bridge, the Rubaconte today Della Grazie, and the other, mirror of its reflection in the water. Finally, the setting sun over Florence is symbolized by a pearl that connects the bridge and its reflection