Live performance: creating a piece of jewelry before the public at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva

At special evenings, I create jewelry sketches. I choose a person in the audience and I paint the jewel in front of her, watercolor, charcoal, and Indian ink.

I am inspired by the woman; her style, her clothes, their colors in accordance with her look, the shape of her face, her neck and her hands … finally, her elegance, her way of moving and the imperious energy that emerges from her whole being.

During this evening organized at the Clinic de la Croix d’Or, my inspiration awoke in front of an elegant woman, oriental style, with clothes in perpetual motion, warm-colored skin, very solar. I made the sketch of a ring with an emerald and all moving diamonds.

The person left the event with the sketch of her ring.