From London modernity to sapphire armor

The architecture offers an unlimited variety of styles, designs and trends. This creative richness exposes to our eyes monumental works over the centuries.

The attractiveness and the cultural wealth of a city are often combined with the beauty and majesty of its buildings. Some cities cling to a past reflecting their magnificence, like Rome or Paris, others are resolutely turned towards a grand future like New York, Bangkok, or Shanghai.

London is one of these cities which remarkably combine the past and modernity. The Shard, a new building erected only a few years ago, overlooks the city as evidence.

Like a piece of broken glass, its splinter points its sky-blue structure towards the sky. I appropriated the very image of modernity by taking this rough form of the piece of glass to create a ring whose body resembles a shell of white-gold scales.

This flight of tips is topped with a blue sapphire whose luster is reflected on a festival of silver facets.