When the magic of Christmas is expressed again and again

Like all the children of the world, I loved the magic of the parties, especially the mystery and traditions that surround Christmas ’eve.

As a child, my parents had told us of a good but demanding man who would judge if we had been wise and who would bring us toys if we had been.

The living room was locked up for several days, with the ban on us as children to enter. Even the keyhole, where we tried to look to discover the secret, was clogged. On Christmas Eve, a soft bell appealed to us, while we were already in bed. We were walking down the steps and a strange light was radiating from the door of the living room, suddenly open. We then discovered, astonished, a tree illuminated by red candles hanging in the branches and toys all around. We were convinced of the existence of this man with a white beard and red suit.

This magical moment that I have kept in my heart, I try to recreate it, in my turn, every year for my children.

So, I wanted to transcribe some of this magic into a necklace of pearls and gold branches.