From Bach to Mahler, the violin notes

I love music and especially classical music. We all know instruments that move us more than others, certain tunes that touch us harder than others. In my inner world, the piano, the harp, the oboe and the violin are among these instruments.

From the joyful and catchy notes of the seventh movement of the third partita for violin in E major by Johann Sebastian Bach to the suspended and heart-rending notes of the adagio of the fifth symphony by Gustav Mahler, the violins have always offered me beautiful emotions.

Spontaneously, I wanted to create a piece of jewelry that is directly inspired by this bowed string instrument, taking the general shape of the violin’s head, the volute and the peg.

The metaphorical expression of this instrument consists of the body of the ring simulating the scroll, the pearl taking the place of one of the pegs and the alignment of the diamonds drawing the rope.

Rose gold ring 18K 750
White south sea pearl 
6 Diamonds F / G VVS 0.17 carat