Bauhaus, or how an architectural movement influences jewelry creation

The Staatliches Bauhaus is a school of applied arts and architecture, founded in 1919 in Germany, in Weimar, by Walter Gropius. Subsequently, Bauhaus will also designate the artistic movement coming from this school, concerning design, architecture, and photography. Although the Nazi movement considered this art to be “degenerate” and, therefore, closed the school in 1933, this movement laid the groundwork for the modern architecture.

This same reflection guided my creative sensibility in jewelry, by the beauty of the volumes with simple guidelines and the masterful force of the refined forms. The most visually sober creations often require great precision and reveal a certain complexity during their realization.

This ring is the perfect illustration. I like direct visual messages, works with simple reading, without unnecessary frills. Each element, because of its symmetrical arrangement, requires special attention, in respect of the arrangement of forms, in order to give the whole its aesthetic force.

White gold ring 18K 750
Kunzite 5.22 carats
30 Diamonds F/G VVS 1.02 carat