The beauty of their souls inspires a tribute to this people of warriors

On a wonderful family trip to discover the great animals, the ultimate witnesses to the beauty of the savanna, we, my daughters and I, were under the spell of the Maasai warrior people.

Their greatness of soul and pride had touched us. In a village in Samburu, an animal reserve in northern Kenya, we were admiring their joy, their creativity, even in the greatest deprivation.

Sometime later, I participated in a trade show in Paris dedicated to jewelers. There was organized a competition on the theme of travel. Immediately, my mind was invaded by the memory of the most beautiful journey of my life, of this lesson of life delivered by the creatures of the savanna.

I wanted to pay tribute to them by including this magnificent traditional Maasai accessory in my creation for this competition. 

At the same time, I felt an immense desire to see them again. There, I asked a pearl woman from the village to make me an entirely red breastplate. 

I added my creativity to it by incorporating a rain of rose gold chains, punctuated by white mother-of-pearl discs, studded with pink gold constellations, like those which embellish the dark sky of Samburu nights.

Thanks to this exceptional jewel, a reflection of my history and the emotional bonds woven with those magnificent people, I was rewarded the second prize of the competition.

(Photo: Girls of Samburu, Kenya)
Red glass pearls pectoral
Rose Gold Chain 18K 750
Rose gold discs 18k 750
White mother-of-pearl