Blue Moon
The blue moon

Fascinated by the night sky that I contemplate as soon as the weather permits and the lights of the cities have gone out, I am totally spellbound by the moon. 

My admiration for this star of the night may have its origin in one of my most precious memories of childhood. On July 21, 1961, I found myself on the terrace of an Adriatic beach, with my parents, all three crowded in front of the single television set, installed in the public square for the occasion. My eyes wide of a child fixed on the landing of Apollo 11, I held my breath in front of the “big step for humanity” posed by N. Armstrong.

Later, during a night excursion in the Valais mountains in the spring, the moon appeared to me slightly bluish. 

When I admired this navette cabochon cut tanzanite, I remembered this spring sky and this bluish moon. It is quite natural that I decided to incorporate this stone into a crescent moon and add some diamonds to it in the role of stars.

18K 750 white gold ring
Tanzanite in cabochon size 2.45 carats
9 Diamonds F/G VVS 0.21 carat