The creation of a diamond necklace inspired by the vision of a waterfall of fire

Around the corner from a path, at the end of a basalt circus, the Svartifoss waterfall appeared to me. The morning light casts thousands of reflections, as many as there are Islandic suns, on the waterfall, and the mist that clings to the moss-covered stones touched my creativity. From this exceptional moment, a necklace named “The Waterfall of Fire” was born.

A necklace in all its length, mimicking a waterfall caressed from top to bottom by the sun. In its center, a gray spinel represents the sun of cold regions, which transmits its radiance to the three rows of diamonds that will flow, like water, in your low-cut neckline.

(Photo: Svartifoss Waterfall in Iceland with its basalt pillars)

White gold necklace 18K 750
Gray spinel 2.73 carats
42 Diamonds F/G VVS 1.27 carat