The eyes, a window to the soul

My artistic approach cannot be explained, it is felt.

I simply wanted to associate the magnificence of a pearl, its radiance and its orient, with the deep beauty of a sincere and sweet look.

A beautiful pearl has a shine, called a luster, a brilliant reflection on the surface due to the successive diffraction of light through the different layers of mother-of-pearl. This glow gives depth to the pearl, and its importance is the pledge of greater beauty.

The orient is another luminous phenomenon, specific to the pearl; it is its iridescence, its reflection of light, changing according to the angle of vision.

This depth, a mixture of luster and orient, I recognize it in the frank and deep looks of beautiful people. I dedicate this jewel to them.

White gold ring 18K 750 
Pearl of the south seas, silver leap
10 Diamonds F / G VVS 0.68 carat