The influence of the Ryogen-In garden of the Temple of the Great Virtue

How not to feel the Zen atmosphere invade us during the visit of the temple of the Great Virtue, the Daitoku-Ji in Kyoto, at dawn, when still floats in the air, the tranquility of its nocturnal meditation?

Every corner of this temple complex, every element of the gardens, is a source of inspiration for a spirit seeking rest.

In refined furrows, the gravel lines embrace the complexity of nature; this balance and visual simplicity, transmit its strength and beauty.
Through this jewel, I wanted to represent strength and beauty by a wavy line. This line thus marries natural elements, pearls.

Using techniques introduced at the end of the 19th century by Kokichi Mikimoto, Japan still produces the most beautiful pearls in the world today.
I wanted, by using Akoya pearls and South Seas, in a gradient of sizes and colors, to associate this pearl tradition with the beauty of the dry gardens of Kyoto.

(Photo: Ryogen-In Dry Garden of Daitoku-Ji Temple in Kyoto)

Pink gold necklace 18K 750
3x Akoya Pearls
4x Pearls of the South Seas