Just two lines

Sometimes inspiration just springs from a geometric shape or a few lines drawn at random on a sheet of paper, almost mechanically.

This ring has been dreamed of on the round table around which I was sitting with my customer. She seemed lost in thought, her gaze on the square, in front of the cathedral of Geneva, which she sighted through the window of the workshop.

Following her glance, I had drawn two lines on a sheet of paper placed in front of us, like the columns of the temple forecourt; suddenly she looked down at my drawing and I felt we had the same idea. I completed the two lines with a sketch of a rectangular stone which I placed between these two original lines.

And … suddenly, the jewel was born before our eyes. To her expression and to her smile, I understood that these lines meant something to her. Emotion, exchange, listening and chance are involved in creation. From these two guidelines very simply followed the ring in its entirety.

White gold ring 18K 750
Intense blue sapphire 1.78 carat
188 Diamonds F VVS1 2.59 carats