Pink Mystery
A magnificent stone nestled in creation

It all came from the discovery of a stone at a friend’s, gem dealer in New York, who has a magnificent collection of gems of all colors. 

I literally felt captivated by the beauty of this pink-purple sapphire, knowing that Sapphires can borrow all colors of the chromatic spectrum.
In order to protect it, I wanted to highlight it in a diamond case, to allow it to reveal itself little by little in the eyes filled with curious admiration.

Then the day came when this stone and the ring took off, seduced a buyer. The separation of a creator from his artwork, a part of himself, always remains painful. However, I guess today that this ring travels from one continent to another and it embellishes the hand that wears it.

Pink gold ring 18K 750
Pink-purple sapphire 5.24 carats, loop clean
198 Round diamonds F VVS 1.93 carat