Under the Blu
The magnificent trichroism of the tanzanite

I feel real happiness at the idea of highlighting the bluish shades of tanzanite, magnified by its kaleidoscope of colors.

Tanzanite has a trichroism. This light phenomenon is due to the separation of the ray entering the stone, into three exit rays, each according to its own light frequency and in its shade of color … blue, night blue, purple.

Depending on which side you look at the gem, you discover the stone in a different shade.

I reinforced this phenomenon by raising the stone well above the ring to allow light to pass through it from all sides. The addition of diamonds placed under the stone allows to bring even more light to accentuate the colors.

White gold ring 18K 750
Tanzanite 3.48 carats
56 diamonds F / G VVS 1.67 carat