Responsible consumption is trending

Consumption at all costs, one that does not look at the consequences of its actions (relocation, wage pressure, pollution ...) is likely to have its last years of success.

There is an important return to the values, to the meaning of our purchase: "I buy less, but I buy better. My purchases are more thoughtful, they fit with my values and I’m more responsible" is a phrase we hear more and more often.

This trend is present in jewelry. People are beginning to move away from standardized jewelry, mass-produced, in China or elsewhere, by machine tools, parts with no symbolic value, acquired rather as an indicator of their social level and not as an expression of their personality.

Many areas have lost the charm of the handcrafted gesture, the pleasure of the fine and quality work, the beauty of the handmade work.  Fortunately, some craftsmen have kept the expertise of their craft and by associating it with new technologies, they are able to offer a new place to tailored and unique work. Like couturiers, shoemakers, leather goods makers, etc. Some independent jewelers have distinguished themselves from standardized and globalized consumption.

I fully subscribe to this new trend by offering unique and custom jewelry at the standard jewelry price, because my operating costs and new technologies allow it.

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